Amar J Singh is the Founding Principal of TGR Group and he hails from a distinguished diplomatic family in India. He has held various leadership positions in the asset management industry for over a decade. Previously, he led two teams specializing in corporate solutions and asset management both through public securities and private placements at Morgan Stanley. Before joining Morgan Stanley he worked in boutique financial advisory firms in Chicago. He completed his education in International Relations and Mathematics in Belmont College in North Carolina, and prior to that has lived extensively in India, Middle East, Africa and Europe, and now divides his time between the US and India.


Since our founding, we have had and continue to have financial and advisory support from various international partners. Some of our current partners are:

  • A real estate development and reinsurance company based out of northern New Jersey, USA, with a deep network in the Gulf region
  • A US-focused hospitality ownership company operating from northwest Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • A business consulting and IT advisory firm operating in Paris, France with pan-Europe reach and relationships with India service providers

India Alliances

TGR Group has extremely selective alliances with Legal, Financial and Investment Firms in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. As per transaction requirements, the well-qualified local resources are utilised to jump-start deal formation and ensure satisfactory closure.